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Hi - I am a Mum of three gorgeous children and live in the South of England.

I have been crafting for around 14 years, mainly papercrafting, but occasionally veering over into fabric crafting also. I set up my Etsy shop around September 2017 and moved over to focusing my crafts on the exciting world of Junk Journals. Since then I have been busy with learning lots of new skills and techniques, and have met a huge amount of wonderful people through my Youtube channel. I have had a wonderful journey so far, and am so very grateful to the amazing ladies who have given me such support and encouragement throughout this time.

My love of this beautiful craft has overspilt now into digital designing for papercrafting and I am absolutely loving the endless possibilities that this brings. 

Having recently left my job of 16 years, I have decided to set up a website where I  an dedicate more time and effort with these things, and also giving me a place to share links and freebies with the wonderful people who I have met.

My designs tend to be vintage inspired and are mainly created with Junk Journalling specifically in mind, although many of my digitals also lend themselves to other types of projects.

Since this turning point in my working life however, I have also created a new digital collection called the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Collection, which is aimed at a slightly different audience and is suitable for print on demand services such as Red Bubble, whereby I can experiment with other styles of designing. 

I am hoping that via my website and other social media forms I will be able to carry the two different styles of collections and expand my creativity in this way. I really hope that you like the sound of these ideas, and I hope to be able to share things with you guys as often as I can. I really appreciate your support so far in what has been the most exciting thing in my life other than my children, and I really feel so blessed to have been able to share my love of crafting with you all. Thank you so much, Tinax

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